The Ultimate Practice Online Marketing Checklist

1.     Is your website properly optimized for search (SEO)? Do you have your main keyword in the title tag on each of the pages of your website? For example, Your City Dentist | Your Company Name [...]

Web Design Richmond

Convert Visitors into Paying Clients Website Design & Copywriting In Richmond Web Design Services for Richmond The best website is a virtual salesperson who never sleeps. To accomplish this [...]

Web Design Surrey

Convert Visitors into Paying Clients Website Design & Copywriting In Surrey Web Design Services for Surrey, White Rock & Cloverdale The best website is a virtual salesperson who never [...]

Medical Practice Marketing – The Basics

The first & most important phase of growing your medical practice is all about capturing the attention of your market. If you desire to get more new patients, you need to be able to [...]

Websites for Dentists: [Best Practice Guide]

Private dental offices are facing increasing competition from large corporate dental clinics. They have to contend with an uneven playing field, given that most of these larger dental facilities [...]

SEO for Dental Websites: A Quick Guide

Does your Dental Office have its own website? Have you ever tried Googling the name of your Dental Office? If you did and you did not find your website on the first page of your Search Results, [...]

Why Video Marketing is So Effective [2019 and Beyond]

Vision is the most dominant of our five senses and our brains process visual information more than any other form of information. Given that pictures already boost engagement more than text [...]

Dental Patients Biggest Frustrations 😕

So I came across a recent survey that was interesting. A big company in the US surveyed over 500 health care patients to find out what they look for when choosing a dentist. Here’s what they [...]

24 Free Google Tools for Business Owners [Must Have]

Google provides a plethora of useful tools for business owners for free. Some of our big client accounts are managed on Google Folders. These free Google tools enable content creation, [...]

Healthcare Marketing Agency

Maximizing Growth for Medical Practices Intelligent digital marketing for top healthcare practices to grow online leads, calls, and revenue. Get My Free Proposal Be The Market leader Master Your [...]